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SEED has been at the forefront of supporting entrepreneurial solutions for sustainable development since its founding at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002, serving aspiring green entrepreneurs and growing agri-food enterprises while building enabling agri-food systems for green agri-food SMEs. Since its inception, SEED has supported over 2.500 green SMEs at different stages of development through its Enterprise Support Programmes in over 40 countries. SEED’s four-tier enterprise support programme directly assists individual enterprises at multiple levels of business development – from the early stages of idea development and concept-testing (Replicator, Starter) to the growth and maturity of green business models (Catalyser and Accelerator). Building on proven toolkits, customised support methodologies and a trusted pool of local advisors, SEED’s financial and non-financial support helps to incubate new circular economy enterprises and to improve the business performance of established ones. SEED’s Ecosystem Building programmes (Business Development Services (BDS)+, Practitioner Labs Policy Prototyping (PLPP) and Practitioner Lab Climate Finance (PLCF)), have cultivated country-based networks of over 500 trained-BDS Advisors and over 1,100 supportive financers, policy makers and enterprise experts recognizing the relevance and importance of green SMEs.

Membership Date: 2023

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