Our Steering Committee

Our work is guided by a member-elected Steering Committee, which represents the diverse communities in our network. Our Steering Committee guides the strategic direction of the network, monitors progress and supports resource mobilization for network activities.

Our Secretariat

The SAFIN Secretariat is housed at IFAD and plays the role of convener, facilitator and champion for the network. The Secretariat supports the implementation of network activities, and is led by a Senior Coordinator.

Our commitment

Through the network, our members seek to increase the volume of agri-SME finance they deploy or mobilize, grow the pool of initiatives they undertake together, and continuously share knowledge and learning.

Our measures of success:

Advanced shared understanding of strategic action areas in agri-SME finance.

Increased connectivity and new relationships formed across the network.

More collaborative projects to bridge the agri-SME finance gap.

Our Impact

With support from Small Foundation, SAFIN monitors its impact in line with best practice network practice through regular network health surveys, social network analysis, and systematic tracking of collaborative initiatives nurtured in its midst.


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Our donors

Our work is possible thanks to the generous support of our donors.