About the event

Welcome2Africa International presents the third edition of the annual Agri-Investment and Capital Markets Conference (AICM2023). This year’s Conference is positioned to showcase and facilitate various agri-investment opportunities and ensure that it develops innovative solutions to the various challenges agribusinesses face when trying to access finance. Also, explore how capital market instruments can solve issues of access to finance, and the opportunities for capital market operators in investing across various agriculture value chains.

AICM2023 will bring together chief stakeholders in the capital markets, financial institutions, investors and agricultural ecosystems in Nigeria. The focus will be on assessing the current status of the capital markets and non-conventional financial instruments available in Nigeria to expose, highlight and create opportunities to support agribusiness. The AICM 2023 is positioned to facilitate real-time investment into agribusiness, and also build a link between investors, off-takers donors, development agencies and agribusinesses.


Event Details:

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Organizer: Welcome2Africa