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How three CSAF investors are turning gender intention into action.

36% of women globally and over 65% of women in certain regions such as sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia earn their living from the agriculture sector. Yet, women receive only 7% of total agricultural investment. Simply put, agricultural finance is not reaching women in agriculture. While financial institutions and investors have traditionally struggled to reach women-led and gender-inclusive enterprises through standard investment processes, those that have adapted their approach to create more inclusive portfolios have seen the upside.

In 2021 and with the support of the Walmart Foundation, Root Capital, CSAF, and Value for Women hosted a series of trainings and events to demonstrate the business case for gender lens investing and advance gender equity goals among its investor members. In 2022, three CSAF members received customized one-on-one technical advisory to advance on their journeys in gender lens investing (GLI).

Join us for this webinar to hear how each investor turned their gender intentions into action, each focusing on the entry point and GLI actions most aligned with their business and impact priorities.


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Location: Online

Organizer: CSAF


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