About the event

This one-day action-oriented meeting seeks to enhance the enabling agriculture investment environment in Malawi. It will comprise keynote presentations, facilitated conversations, panel discussion and breakout sessions involving policymakers, investors and donors.

The goal of the breakout sessions is to develop an action plan (including issues, time frames and potential responsibilities) addressing the underlying issues limiting agriculture investment in the country. There will also be a focus on climate-smart investment opportunities.

The evening component of the meeting will showcase a number of agri-food businesses that are investment ready.

Goal of the meeting

To facilitate discussions between investors, intermediaries and policymakers around the key challenges and opportunities for investing in climate positive agriculture in Malawi.

A set of prioritized actions that will help development synergies across the agriculture investor community in Malawi and support moves. Where appropriate, to encourage inward investments.


AGRA/ AGRF Malawi Dealroom Platform
Malawi Investment Trade Center
Centre for Agricultural Transformation


Event Details:

Location: Online

Organizer: CASA


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