SME Finance Forum launches a community of practice on agri-finance

The SME Finance Forum, created by the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion and managed by the International Finance Corporation, recently established a Community of Practice (CoP) with a focus on agri-finance. Designed for agri-finance experts and practitioners from the Forum’s member institutions, the CoP will promote shared learning, good practices, tools, and innovation in agri-finance.

©IFAD/Susan Beccio

The Forum is a global membership network of SME-focused financial institutions and fintech companies that provides various platforms for its membership to learn and share good practices in real-time, as well as to explore partnership opportunities with other financial institutions, fintechs and investors. While the Forum’s focus remains on SME finance more broadly, dedicated spaces to discuss sectoral issues such as agri-finance, supply chain finance and risk management have gained importance among its members.

The agri-finance CoP is a member-driven initiative that has been launched in response to growing interest by Forum members in this theme. Participants will convene periodically amongst themselves or with external experts to exchange knowledge around selected topics. The CoP will document these experiences through blog posts and technical notes for the benefit of the agri-finance community.