The 52nd ALIDE Assembly culminated with the Declaration of Curaçao

Photo credit: ALIDE

After 4 days, the 52nd General Assembly of the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE) ended, celebrated in Curaçao with the support of the Curaçao Development Corporation (Korpodeko).

The closing ceremony had the words of the president of ALIDE, Carlos Linares, who thanked the reception in Curaçao and the presence of the national authorities at the Assembly. Also, highlighted the organization of Korpodeko and all the collaborators, that made the event end favorably.

In addition, the closing had the reading of the Declaration of Curaçao, a document that resumes the compromises that ALIDE and members assumed after the Assembly, to focus its labor in the Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

The Declaration of Curaçao highlighted the importance of the Caribbean region into the Latin American region integration. Also, it remarks the importance of cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experiences in financing sustainable development projects, and the fight against poverty and inequality.

It should be noted that the document recognized the worth of the agricultural sector during the pandemic and presented the technology and social resilience as a necessary capacity in LAC, because as a system and community it is relevant to learn to support and recover from the extreme disasters and shocks.

In this sense, ALIDE is committed to the creation of a digital ecosystem and supports the innovation and technological development among their members and the institutions of the development bank, which are interested in applying best practices in their actions.

Photo Credit: ALIDE

Acknowledgments to Development Banking

The ALIDE Awards 2022, the contest that recognizes and promotes the innovation and best practices among the development finance institutions, were given to 10 institutions from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and India.

Furthermore, Minas Gerais Development Bank (BDMG) was recognized as the Bank of the Year and to Banco Provincia of Buenos Aires for celebrating 200 years of history and for being a pioneer in Argentina’s financial system.

This article was originally published by ALIDE.