Building climate resilience: What can FSPs do?

Financial inclusion can be a powerful tool to help the most vulnerable build resilience to the devastating impacts of climate change. But how do individual financial service providers (FSPs) determine what products and services to offer to help meet their clients’ needs?

This webinar looked at how FSPs are approaching the issue of climate change with their clients. We heard from two MFIs on what they are currently doing to build climate resilience in clients, both through new financial products, such as livestock insurance, and adapting existing financial services to meet specific community needs. We also heared from a provider of climate-smart training and agricultural support services on how they partner with FSPs to build resilience in smallholder farmers and expand access to financial services to lower income and excluded farmers.

The panelists discussed the importance of locally led solutions and the challenges for FSPs to tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of different geographies and communities.

This webinar was originally published by CGAP