Holistic feasibility analysis for agribusinesses

Investment activity in African agriculture has been gaining significant traction in recent years, driven by growing recognition of the continent’s immense agricultural potential and the increasing demand for food security and sustainable development.

With approximately 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, Africa stands as a frontier for agricultural expansion1. Yet, despite this abundance of natural resources, the agricultural sector remains largely underdeveloped, with productivity levels significantly lower than global averages. Challenges such as limited access to financing, inadequate infrastructure, fragmented value chains, and climate change impacts hinder the sector’s full potential.

A key avenue that unlocks the agricultural potential in Africa is through feasibility assessments. These serve as vital tools in identifying and understanding the various factors influencing agricultural productivity and sustainability.

We have been supporting businesses to assess commercial viability of potential investments in agriculture through the following:

Agri Frontier offers feasibility assessment services in agribusiness, often partnering with Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services. Leveraging our extensive sector experience, we provide detailed insights to help your business make informed decisions. We’re eager to collaborate, so let’s start a conversation.

1 AFDB Feed Africa Strategy

This article was initially published by Agrifrontier.