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The European Commission’s work on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture seeks to improve food security and nutrition; enhance smallholder family farmers’ incomes through sustainable agricultural growth; support rural diversification and balanced territorial development; create opportunities for vulnerable groups; improve systemic resilience to food crises; and help partner countries to further reduce the number of stunted children by 7 million by 2025. The key drivers for this work include gender equality, resilience and sustainability, inclusive growth and decent jobs, climate change, and the migration–mobility and security–development nexuses.

Membership Date: 2018

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The EU and IFAD join forces to support resilient and sustainable food systems
With a global food crisis aggravated by the war in Ukraine, the...
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Partner News
Increased support for EU farmers through rural development funds
The European Commission has proposed a new support package for EU farmers and SMEs affected by rising input costs following the Ukraine...
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European Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategy: how innovation can support the transition towards global sustainable food systems

Feb 19, 2022 |
Online | Dubai
| European Commission

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