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Financial service providers like commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions, cooperatives and microfinance institutions are front-line couriers of loans in local currencies to agricultural SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa. Given their wide coverage in local markets, financial incentives such as guarantees or first loss facilities that are meant to entice them to extend more loans to these enterprises are growing in popularity. But what level and types of incentives work best for banks in Africa? Which other incentives have worked elsewhere that may be applied in the region? Will financial incentives change their behaviour in the long term? The third and final session of ‘Backing the Middle’ will unpack these questions.


Andrew Ahiaku, Director and Head of Financial Sector, Aceli Africa Moderator

    Andrew is an expert in food and agricultural finance with a deep passion for inclusive agriculture and enhancing access to finance. He has an extensive background in the financial industry, having spent over 13 years with major institutions such as Fidelity and Barclays (Absa) Banks in Ghana. His expertise spans corporate and SME banking, with a focus on finance lease, relationship management, business development, credit risk management, and agricultural lending. At Aceli Africa, Andrew leads the organization’s engagement with commercial banks to boost their lending to agricultural SMEs. He also oversees capacity building initiatives for both SMEs and financial institutions, aiming to strengthen the agricultural finance ecosystem.

Phyllis Wanjiku Kimani, Chief Retail Officer, Family Bank

Boasting over 16 years in the financial sector, Phyllis Kimani is the esteemed Chief Retail Banking Officer, well-versed in both operational and strategic facets of finance. Her journey at Family Bank has been defined by a rise through key leadership roles since 2013, after honing her skills in credit management at Equity Bank. She is academically grounded with a Bachelor´s in Education, majoring in Mathematics and Economics from Moi University, and is engaged in a Master´s in Business Administration Program. she has fortified her professional portfolio with certifications in leadership, SME relationship management, and customer relationship management, bringing comprehensive konwledge in Banking Law and Practice,

Evans Martin Nakhokho, Chief Manager, Centenary Bank

Evans Martin Nakhokho is a Chief Manager at Centenary Bank, where he has devoted his last 15 years to creating, developing, and scaling up innovations and customer-centric solutions to further financial inclusion. He has extensive experience in agribusiness and commercial Banking, focusing on delivering accessible, affordable, and convenient services in both rural and urban settings. He previously served as the founding Manager for Centenary Bank Uganda’s agribusiness department and served as the Head of SME Banking for Equity Bank Uganda.

Henry Bwogi, Director of Retail and Business Banking, Tanzania Commercial Bank

Henry Bwogi brings over 20 years of banking expertise to his role as Director of Retail and Business Banking, a position he has held since 2015. His career is marked by advancement through critical leadership roles, culminating in senior management positions before his directorship. He also contributes his seasoned judgment to the financial sector as a Board Member of the Posta na Simu (TP TC) SACCOs and the Posta Bureau de Change. Mr. Bwogi’s academic credentials include a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management with a focus on Marketing from the College of Business Education. He further refined his financial acumen with a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management from the Institute of Finance Management and holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management from the Open University of Tanzania.


Event Details:

Event dates: 08 May 2024

Location: Online

Organizer: SAFIN | Market Links | Aceli Africa



Quote: "Using the Aceli origination incentive, we have tripled our appetite to lend to agricultural enterprises and we can better negotiate for additional resources for more agri-loans," Evans Martin Nakhokho, Chief Manager, Centenary Bank

Summary article:

In this session, three banks receiving such incentives from Aceli Africa – Family Bank Limited Kenya, Centenary Bank Uganda and Tanzania Commercial Bank (TCB) – described their challenges and successes, focusing on long-term behavioural change in their institutions.

Key insights of the rich discussion include:

  1. Reorienting banks towards agriculture and generating management buy-in.
  2. Growing agri-lending portfolios using financial incentives.
  3. Engaging around broader sector challenges such as policies and regulations.

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