Uganda Agribusiness Alliance and Small Foundation: Advancing agribusiness together

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Small Foundation and Uganda Agribusiness Alliance (UAA). Established in 2014, UAA represents and fosters agribusiness development in Uganda, and has been a key player in driving positive change in Uganda’s agricultural landscape for nearly a decade.

Central to this partnership is the expansion of UAA’s incubation of agricultural value chain platforms. This approach brings together diverse industry stakeholders and value chain actors to facilitate collaboration, communication, and the discovery of common interests. Small Foundation and UAA believe these platforms have the potential to revolutionise agribusiness practices in Uganda. Through these engagements, UAA can unlock opportunities for win-win partnerships that benefit the entire agribusiness ecosystem.

This work builds on previous initiatives led by UAA in the development of avocado, Irish potato and beef value chain platforms. This new phase of collaboration follows our previous partnership, in which we worked closely to strengthen UAA’s network strategy and sustainability. This partnership yielded valuable insights and learnings which continue to inform our approach to agribusiness development in Uganda.

Reflecting on the new partnership, UAA CEO Steve Hodges said, “All of us at UAA are excited by how much our partnership with Small Foundation will strengthen UAA internally as well as increase our impact on farmers and small agribusinesses in Uganda.

We appreciate Small Foundation’s willingness to think more deeply and creatively than most funding partners to address underlying roots of that strength and impact.”


This article was originally published by: Small Foundation